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Doctoral students as co-authors are marked in blue (starting in 1998)



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JIF2021 5.0
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Prognosis and tumorbiology of pancreatic cancer patients with isolated lung metastases: clinical and translational results from the German multicenter AIO-YMO-PAK-0515 study.
*authors contributed equally
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JIF2020 6.2
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Science Immunology 2021; 60, eabf9564.                                                                                            
JIF2020 17.7
*contributed equally

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JIF2020 41.6
*contributed equally
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JIF2019 10.3


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Nature Communications 2020; 11:3196. Featured in Editors‘ Highlights “Translational and clinical research” www.nature.com/collections/ecgchegdhe
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* equally contributed
JIF2019 6.5


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JIF 3.7 




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* contributed equally to this study


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