Top Ten Papers

  1. Brunner C, Seiderer J, Schlamp A, Bidlingmaier M, Eigler A, Haimerl W, Lehr HA, Krieg A, Hartmann G, Endres S.
    Enhanced dendritic cell maturation by TNF-a or cytidine-phosphate-guanosine DNA drives cell activation in vitro and therapeutic anti-tumour immune responses in vivo.
    Journal of Immunology 2000; 165:6278-86.
    JIF  5.5 

  2. Hornung V, Guenthner-Biller M, Bourquin C, Ablasser A, Schlee M, Uematsu S, Noronha A, Manoharan M, Akira S, de Fougerolles A, Endres S, Hartmann G.
    Sequence-specific potent induction of IFN-a by short interfering RNA in plasmacytoid dendritic cells through TLR7.
    Nature Medicine 2005; 11:263-70.                                                                               
    JIF 30.6

  3. Hornung V, Ellegast J, Kim S, Brzozka K, Jung A, Kato H, Poeck H, Akira S, Conzel-mann KK, Schlee M, Endres S, Hartmann G.
    5’-triphosphate RNA is the ligand for RIG-I.
    Science 2006; 314:994-997.                                                                                        
    JIF 35.3

  4. Gross O, Poeck H, Bscheider M, Dostert C, Hannesschlaeger N, Endres S, Tardivel A, Tschopp J, Ruland J.
    Syk kinase signaling couples to the Nalp3 inflammasome for anti-fungal host defense.
    Nature 2009; 459:433-6                                                                                               
    JIF 38.6
  5. Poeck H, Bscheider M, Gross O, Finger K, Roth S, Rebsamen M, Hannesschläger N, Schlee M, Rothenfusser S, Barchet W, Kato H, Akira S, Inoue S, Endres S, Peschel C, Hartmann G, Hornung V, Ruland J.
    Recognition of RNA virus by RIG-I results in activation of CARD9 and inflammasome signaling for interleukin 1 beta production.
    Nature Immunology 2010; 11:63-9                                                                                        
    JIF 26.2

  6. Bourquin C, Hotz C, Noerenberg D, Völkl A, Heidegger S, Storch B, Sandholzer N, Wurzenberger C, Anz D, Endres S.
    Systemic cancer therapy with a small molecule agonist of Toll-like receptor 7 can be improved by circumventing TLR tolerance.
    Cancer Research 2011; 71:5123-3
    JIF  8.7

  7. Dann A, Poeck H, Croxford A, Gaupp S, Kierdorf K, Knust M, Pfeifer D, Maihoefer C, Endres S, Kalinke U, Meuth S, Wiendl H, Knobeloch KP, Akira S, Waisman A, Hartmann G, Prinz M.
    Cytosolic RIG-like-helicases act as negative regulators of inflammation in the CNS.
    Nature Neuroscience 2012; 15:98-106
    JIF 15.3

  8. Heidegger S, Anz D, Stephan N, Bohn B, Herbst T, Fendler WP, Suhartha N, Sandholzer N, Kobold S, Hotz C, Eisenaecher K, Radtke-Schuller S, Endres S, Bourquin C.
    Virus-associated activation of innate immunity induces rapid disruption of Peyer’s patches in mice.
    Blood 2013; 122:2591-9.                                                                                             
    JIF 10.1

  9. Kobold S, Steffen J, Chaloupka M, Grassmann S, Henkel J, Castoldi R, Zeng Y, Chmielewski M, Schmollinger J, Schnurr M, Rothenfußer S, Schendel DJ, Abken H, Sustmann C, Niederfellner CG, Klein C, Bourquin C, Endres S.
    Selective bispecific T cell recruiting antibody enhances anti-tumor activity of adoptive T cell transfer.
    The Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2015; 107:364.                                      
    JIF 15.2

  10. Kobold* S, Grassmann* S, Chaloupka M, Lampert C, Wenk S, Kraus F, Rapp M, Duewell P,
    Zeng Y, Schmollinger J, Schnurr M, Endres S#, Rothenfußer S#.
    Impact of a new fusion receptor on PD-1-mediated immunosuppression in adoptive T cell therapy.
    The Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2015; 107.                                                      
    JIF 15.2