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Buruli Ulcer Disease

Head: PD Dr. G. Bretzel

Cooperations: Bernhard Nocht Institut für Tropenmedizin, Hamburg; Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine, Kumasi, Ghana; Agogo Presbyterian Hospital, Agogo, Ghana; Dunkwa Government Hospital, Dunkwa, Ghana; St. Martin’s Hospital, Agroyesum G

Grants: Volkswagen Foundation, European Commission


Summary: In cooperation with the  Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine, Kumasi, Ghana (KCCR), the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg (BNITM), and four local treatmentv centres for Buruli-Ulcer disease (BUD) a network for the early diagnosis of BUD has been established in Ghana. Within a reserach project supported by the VW foundation a dry-reagent based PCR as a novel tool for the laboratory confirmation of clinically diagnosed M. ulcerans disease has been developed.

Within a multidisciplinary research EC project for the improvement of BUD control in Africa the following reserch topics have been investigated by the Munich working group:

  • Investigations on the step wise diagnosis of BUD
  • Comparison of defferent methods for the diagnosis of BUD
  • External quality control of diagnostic lab procedures in Ghana
  • Investigations on the curative excision of pre-ulcer lesions
  • Sequence analysis of the  rpoB gene of M. ulcerans from clinical lesions



Dr. hum. biol. V. Siegmund, PD Dr. med. J. Nitschke, E. Fleischmann, A. Tilly, D. Brieske, M. Beissner, Dr. med. KH. Herbinger