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Current projects

Myrna Benninghoff

Molecular platform for the diagnosis of various helminth infections (Supervision:: Dr. Ch. Geldmacher)

Daniela Brieske

Surgical excision of early nodular manifestations of Buruli ulcer disease: molecular diagnostic evaluation of curative surgery of excision margins (Supervision: PD Dr. med. G. Bretzel)

Mkunde Chachage

2nd year PhD: Immunology of intestinal helminth infections & schistosomiasis and their relation to HIV-1 susceptibility and disease progression in Mbeya region-Tanzania (Supervision: Dr. Ch. Geldmacher)

Tatjana Dill

Evaluation of the epidemiology of rickettsioses, Q fever, brucellosis and plague on the basis of serological cross- sectional investigations within the EMINI study in the Mbeya region, southwest Tanzania (Supervision: Dr. med. Norbert Heinrich)

Lukas Drerup

Health risk analysis for tropical and non-tropical diseases among childhood and adolescents travelers returning trom the tropics (Supervision: Dr. med. KH. Herbinger)

Kristina Huber

Buruli ulcer disease in Togo: Laboratory confirmation of clinically suspected cases (Supervision: PD Dr. med. G. Bretzel)

Moritz Jansson

Optimization and validation of genotyping the antibiotic resistance of Mycobacterium ulcerans (Supervision: Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Gisela Bretzel)

Rachel Kyeyune

2nd year PhD: Hematological and clinical profiles of HIV-infected adults receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy and a multivitamin supplement (Supervision: Dr. E. Saathoff)

Gloria Ivy Mensah

2nd year PhD: Biomarkers for diesease progression and treatment; immunological profiles in individuals infected by different species of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in Ghana (Supervision: Dr. Ch. Geldmacher)

Myriam Metzner

Comparative analysis of anemia in short and long term travelers returning from the tropics (Supervision: Dr. med. KH. Herbinger)

Tara Müller

Non-malaria febrile illness in Cambodia & Laos (Supervison: Prof. Dr. F. von Sonnenburg)

Grace Mwangoka

Serum microRNAs as biomarker for active and latent Tuberculosis infection in immunocompetent and immunodeficient hosts (Supervision: Dr. med N. Heinrich)

Francesco Nicoli

2nd year PhD: Immunogenicity and immunomodulatory properties of the HIV-1 TAT protein (Supervision: Dr. Ch. Geldmacher)

Anthony Nsojo

Persisting infections: The influence of co-infections on disease progression and pathogenesis (Supervision: Dr. Ch. Geldmacher)

Pamela Perona

Serological cross reactions between various helminth infections in Travelers (Supervision: Prof. Dr. med. T. Löscher)

Amelie Rabe

Influence of polymorphism within the human HLA class I gene locus on the Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific CD 4 T cell response in HIV infected individuals (Supervision: Dr. Ch. Geldmacher)

Gabriel Rojas Ponce

Evaluation and improvement of novel diagnostic tools for the rapid detection of M. tubercolosis in HIV-negative and HIV-positive adults with pulmonary TB (Supervision: Dr. med. N. Heinrich, Prof. Dr. med. M. Hölscher)

Veronika Schmid

Geographical and molecular epidemiology of cysticercosis in an African network (Supervision: PD Dr. med. G. Bretzel) 

Charlotte Siess

Analysis of sociological, travel and clinical data of skin disorders among travelers returning from tropical and non-tropical countries (Supervision: Dr. med. KH. Herbinger)

Erma Sulistyaningsih

Polymorphisms of var gene products in severe and mild falciparum malaria (Supervision: Dr. med. N. Berens-Riha)

Dominik Symank

Establishment and validation of RNA assays for viability testing of Mycobacterium ulcerans (Supervision: Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Gisela Bretzel)

Christoph Walentiny

Diagnostic validity, cross reactions, and persistence of specific antibodies against dengue viruses (Supervision:  Prof. Dr. med. T. Löscher)

Nina Weller

Epidemiology of chikungunya, dengue, yellow fever, west nile and rift valley fever on the basis of serological cross-sectional investigations during the EMINI study in Mbeya region, southwest Tanzania (Supervision: Dr. Norbert Heinrich, Prof. Dr. med. M. Hölscher)