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Medical education


Infectious and tropical diseases are the world's leading causes of disease and death. The fight against them is the prior aim of development cooperations in the health sector. In addition, over 4 million Germans travel to tropical countries every year, and a growing number of visitors and immigrants comes to Germany. An increase of imported diseases is the result of this development.

In addition to outbreaks of Ebola and Marburg fever in Africa an increase of imported malaria and rabies, Lassa and yellow fever excited public opinion in recent years. Emerging are new threats such as SARS or avian flu and the fear of bioweapons based on anthrax or smallpox. Globalization and climate change favor the spread of typical tropical pathogens and vectors in temperate zones.

The Department of Infectious Deseases and Tropical Medicine at the University of Munich offers various courses and lectures for medical students on infectious and tropical diseases, travel medicine and health problems in developing countries.

All courses and lectures for students at the Medical Faculty of the University of Munich (undergraduate courses) are offered in German language. Please refer to the German part of the website.

International courses in English language are offered within the Center for International Health (see link list)