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Our Department

The duties of the department as the only university facility of its kind in Bavaria include the treatment of patients with infectious and tropical diseases, a tropical medicine laboratory and a consultance service for hospitals and physicians throughout Germany as well as tropical medicine teaching and research, including numerous projects and programs of development cooperation and biomedical research in the tropics. In addition, the Department gives medical travel information to the population via telephon (free Infotel service) and the internet.

Medical Advice for travelers

For many years, the department advises many short-and long-term travelers to have the necessary precautionary and preventive measures and gives all medically relevant and necessary vaccinations. It is an authorized vaccination center for yellow fever (Bavaria No. Vaccinating Center. 1).
With more than 12,000 consultations and approximately 20,000 vaccinations per year, it's the largest facility for travel medicine in southern Germany.

Further Education

Our department is also active in the field of teaching and training in travel medicine. The annual "Travel Medicine today" is an event in which more than 600 physicians and pharmacists participate. In addition, employees of the department participate on numerous training courses for medical education and trainin in Germany and abroad.