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Yellow fever vaccination study: Recruitment completed - thank you to all participants

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Update (April 6th, 2022): Recruitment completed

Recruitment for the ongoing yellow fever vaccination study has been completed, therefore we are not able to accept any further participants for this study. Many thanks to all participants!

However, if you are interested in any other vaccination study of the Tropical Institute, we would be very pleased to hear from you and will be happy to send you further information.

Yellow fever vaccine trial (recruitment completed)

Together with renowned vaccine developers, we have been researching and working on new developments and improvements of vaccines at the Tropical Institute of LMU Munich for almost 20 years.

In our yellow fever vaccine trial which started in September 2021, we are testing a novel yellow fever vaccine (phase II) against the conventional yellow fever vaccine.

The study in brief:

  • Study start date: from September 2021
  • Study objective: a novel yellow fever vaccine (phase II) will be tested against the conventional yellow fever vaccine
  • Study schedule: a total of 10 study dates in 5 years

General eligibility requirements:

  • age 18 and older
  • Good health status
  • no existing or currently planned pregnancy
  • no yellow fever or TBE vaccination to date

For your participation in the study you will receive an adequate compensation.

Contact for participants:

Studienkoordination Impfstudien
LMU Klinikum München
Tropeninstitut (Abteilung für Infektions- und Tropenmedizin)
Leopoldstraße 5
80802 München

Keyword: Yellow Fever Vaccine Study

Phone: +49 (0)89 4400 598-50

Please include the keyword in the subject line of your email when registering: Yellow Fever Vaccination Study

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