SARS-CoV-2: Walk-through test station

Help for helpers during the COVID-19 pandemic

With its Walk-through Station, the Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine offers test capacities for medical staff in acute care of COVID patients. [more...]

First World Chagas Disease Day

Let's make Chagas Disease visible now

On April 14, the global community commemorated the first World Chagas Disease Day. One of the aims is to raise the visibility and public awareness of people with Chagas Disease and the resources needed for the prevention, control or elimination of the disease. [more...]

TherVacB Projekt

Hope for Hepatitis B patients

New research project to cure hepatitis B patients under the European Horizon 2020 programme [more...]

Summary of the 5th Humanitarian Symposium Munich by the Center for International Health (CIH)

Getting involved – Prospects in the Humanitarian Aid Sector

The 5th Humanitarian Symposium on the 15th February 2020 with its rich and diverse programme has sparked excitement and inspiration in its audience. [more...]

Center for International Health (CIH) - News

CIH is member of the new "German Alliance for Global Health Research"

CIH is member of the "German Alliance for Global Health Research" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which was opened on 1 February 2020. [more...]

Publication in New England Journal of Medicine on Coronavirus infections

Transmission of 2019-nCoV Infection from an Asymptomatic Contact in Germany

Case report by the Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine in Munich [more...]


New drug substance BTZ-043 is being tested on patients for the first time

A crucial step in the development of a promising new drug which has also proven to be effective against multidrug-resistant path-ogens in preclinical tests. [more...]

Munich wins global project on "One Health"

Center for International Health at the University Hospital of LMU Munich

Center for International Health (CIH) wins global project on "One Health" [more...]

Updated vaccination form available

Our updated vaccination form is now available [more...]