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We fulfill our social commitment by standing for high quality, continuous improvement of the treatment, prevention and control of infectious and tropical diseases. The population in Germany as well as in those countries most affected by these diseases should profit by our research and teaching activities.


Our tasks and working areas are

  • treatment of patients with infectious and tropical diseases
  • prevention of infectious and tropical diseases
  • laboratory diagnosis of infectious and tropical diseases
  • consultation service for physicians and hospitals
  • travel medicine information for physicians and the population
  • teaching and education in tropical medicine & international health
  • - for medical students
  • - in post-graduate education and training
  • research
  • - biomedical basic research, clinical research and public health
  • collaborative projects and programs of development cooperation


We respect the dignity, rights and interests of each individual patient.


Our work requires mutual appreciation of all, transparency, fairness and collegial continuous development of professionalism.


We follow ethical standards, legal requirements and professional guidelines and commit ourselves to a comprehensive quality management.


We encourage the active participation of all professionals in research, teaching and innovative projects to improve patient care.


We act effectively and economically in the sense of the best possible care for patients and the effective use of resources for research and teaching


We want a more economical and ecological friendly energy and material consumption.


We consider intensive professional and interdisciplinary cooperation at national and international levels as essential for the fulfillment of our duties. These should always be made equal partnership. Priority will be given to improving the health of the population as well as personal training and profiling of all persons involved in Chains.

Leadership Philosophy

The leaders are particularly liable for the orientation on targets and also employees aswell as to transparency.


We aspire a development into a "Center of Excellence in Tropical Medicine and International Health" within the Hospital of the University of Munich in close cooperation with international partners, organizations and networks.