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PhD Students

Aktuelle PhDs

Aikins Ablorde

Does household use of mosquito coil influence insecticide susceptibility in vector mosquitoes? A laboratory investigation with Aedes aegypti population

Mulatu Gashaw Adbaru

Characterization of microbial resistome in bacteria isolated from human, environment and animal sources. Using DNA microarray technique and whole genome sequencing in Jimma town, southwest Ethiopia

Christopher_Yaw Appiah_Seth

Barriers to disclosure of HIV status to infected children in Ghana, a north-south comparism

Mario Atunes

Neurologic sequelae in pediatric traumatic brain injury at one year: a LMIC perspective

Igor Capitine

Community Awareness and Willingness to participate in HIV vaccine studies and Effects of Young Adults participation in HIV vaccine clinical trials in their Social and Sexual Behaviour in Maputo

Maria Chikawe

Impact of treatment with doxycycline 200mg daily for 6 weeks on filarial lymphedema in the coastel region of Lindi and Pwani in Tanzania: A randomized, placebo controlled trial

Matiwos Soboka Daba

Substance use disorder and its effect on quality of life, mental health and adherence to anti-TB medication among tuberculosis patients in Southwest Ethiopia

Yoga Devaera

Growth, Body Composition and Metabolic Markers of Late Preterm Infants with Mother and Infant Supplementations: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Oraporn Dumrongwongsiri

The actual zinc and iron intakes among breastfed infants during the first 4 months of life longitudinal study

Bernarda Cristina Espinoza Castro

Acculturation level and working conditions as risks factors for depressive symptoms among Colombian au-pairs living in Germany- Longitudinal Study

Netsanet Workneh Gidi

Outcomes of very preterm neonates and predictors of mortality in a public hospital in Jimma (Southwest Ethiopia): prospective cohort study

Wei Wei Han

Exploring approaches to reduce maternal and related neonatal mortality in Myanmar

Xuan Tuan Ho

Community Awareness and Willingness to participate in HIV vaccine studies and Effects of Young Adults participation in HIV vaccine clinical trials in their Social and Sexual Behaviour in Maputo

Amelie Hohensee

AG Andreas Wieser

Olbukola Idoko

Immunogenicity and reactogenicity to immunizations among undernourished children

Jasmin Javanmardi

Jia Bainga Kangbai

Prediction Modeling of Mortality among Ebola Patients Receiving Treatment in Sierra Leone

Azam Khalide

Evaluation of Molecular Bacterial Load Assay, Transrenal DNA and Phage-assay to monitor tuberculosis treatment response among pulmonary and extrapulmonary TB patients in Maputo, Mozambique

Celso Khosa

Long term pulmonary outcome in Mozambican TB patients

Dickens-Omondi Kuwuor

Epidemiology of helminth infections and their relation to HIV-1 infection in Mbeya Region of Tanzania: analysis of data from a population based study

Luming Lin

Ivalda_Benigna Macicame

Role of Social determinants at the exposure of risk factors for Chronic Non Communicable Diseases in a peri-urban setting of Maputo city, Mozambique

Martina Manhart

Moving towards sustainability? Images of development cooperation in German government-funded international Higher Education cooperation, using the example of the PhD program Medical Research - International Health

Christina Kisha Manyama

Monitoring TB treatment response using novel biomarkers in adults and children in Tanzania

Issa_Sabi Masenza

Evaluation of new diagnostics for Tuberculosis in children

Bindiya Meggi

Field evaluation of SD HIV/Syphilis DUO test amongst pregnant woman in primary health care clinics in Mozambique

Equlinet Misganaw

Developing and validating a set of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for post graduate residency training as framework to guide competency -based curriculum development and for teaching and assessing competencies

Given Moonga

Biophysical and Spatial tread analysis to determine remedial effectiveness of lead deposits in Kabwetown Zambia

Maureen Mosoba

Description of mucosal and systemic immunity in individuals infected with Wuchereria Bancrofti and its correlation with increased susceptibility to HIV

Beatrice Mutayoba

Evaluation of the magnitude of anti Tuberculosis Drug Resistance in Tanzania

Kim Mwamelo

Harnessing the Urban Advantage: Equity of Healthcare in Urban Tanzania

Jackson Jr. Ndenkeh Nforbewing

Health Improvement and Viral Suppression in Persons Receiving Antiretroviral Treatment in Cameroon

Dorothy Obuobi

Attractive toxic sugar baited traps for control of outdoor malaria vectors in Ghana

Dilnoza Pirmatova

Gestational Diabetes in Tajikistan: Prevalence and Management

Ali Sadia

Epidemiological Investigation of Dengue and other Arbovirus in 11 districts in Mozambique

Bhim Prasad Sapkota

Prevalence and Predictors of non-communicable disease risk factors among old aged people in Nepalese community

Anna Shin

Characterization of tick-borne encephalitis virus in Kazakhstan by serological, molecular techniques and virus isolation

Abdou Sillah

Impact of Adult Tuberculosis on Household Child Contacts in the Greater Banjul area of The Gambia

Josephine Singo

Assessment of Occupational Health and Safety in Artisanal Small-scale Gold Mining (ASGM) in Zimbabwe: prevalence; compliance; gaps and implications for occupational health and safety policy and practice

Nadia Sitoe

Inflammatory and prognostic biomarkers associated with pulmonary tuberculosis long-term sequelae after TB treatment in relation to HIV status and lung impairment. (Supervision: Dr. Christof Geldmacher, Dr. Kathrin Held)

Anna Suraya

Asbestos Exposure in Lung Cancer : Hospital- based Case Control Study in Indonesia

Janak Kumar Thapa

Impact of investment case approach on equitable access to maternal and child health services in Nepal

Nur Tukhanova

Serological and molecular investigations of Hantaviruses in Kazakhstan

Sabita Tuladhar

Effect of Facility Readiness and Providers’ Adherence to Standard Clinical Practices on Family Decision to Seek Delivery Healthcare Services at Public Health Facilities in Nepal

Mohammad Wahiduzzaman

Factors affecting clinical outcome among type 2 diabetic subjects attending the oupatient care facility of a tertiary health care center in Bangladesh

Abgeschlossene PhDs

Karlygash Abdiyeva

Investigation of highly pathogenic viruses in Kazakhstan

Mohamed Ahmed

TB detection using biomarkers in sputum

Sacha Horn

Investigation of filarial associated immune modulation and effects on HIV susceptibility

Tessa Lennemann

Improving diagnostic and treatment options for treatment experienced HIV infected patients in Mbeya, Tanzania

Nurkeldi Turebekov

Investigations on tick-borne bactzerial agents in Kazakhstan

Elias_Ali Yesuf

Developing and Validating a Multi-Dimensional Instrument for Measuring the Performance of District Health Systems in a National Region in Ethiopia

Dr. med. Habakkuk-Azinyui Yumo

"The active search for pediatric HIV/AIDS (ASPA) study: Assessing the acceptability, feasability and efectiveness of targeted versus blanket provider-initiated-testing and counselling (PITC) among children and adolescents in Cameroon"