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Abgeschlossene PhDs

Karlygash Abdiyeva

Investigation of highly pathogenic viruses in Kazakhstan

Mohamed Ahmed

TB detection using biomarkers in sputum

Tessa Lennemann

Improving diagnostic and treatment options for treatment experienced HIV infected patients in Mbeya, Tanzania

Nurkeldi Turebekov

Investigations on tick-borne bactzerial agents in Kazakhstan

Elias_Ali Yesuf

Developing and Validating a Multi-Dimensional Instrument for Measuring the Performance of District Health Systems in a National Region in Ethiopia

Dr. med. Habakkuk-Azinyui Yumo

"The active search for pediatric HIV/AIDS (ASPA) study: Assessing the acceptability, feasability and efectiveness of targeted versus blanket provider-initiated-testing and counselling (PITC) among children and adolescents in Cameroon"