Abgeschlossen 2015


Myrna Benninghoff (Dr. med.)

Etablierung und Evaluierung eines molekularen Wurmdiagnostikverfahrens (Real-Time-PCR) in Tansania.

Christopher Paschke (Dr. med.)

Controlled study on enteropathogens in travellers returning from the tropics with and without diarrhoea

Pamela Perona (Dr. med.)

Significance of immunodiagnostic test in the diagnosis of helminth infections


PhD Medical Research - International Health

Abera, MW (PhD)

Effect of community-level intervention on maternal health care utilization in Gilgel Gibe Health and Demographic Surveillance Site, Southwest Ethiopia.

Kudom, AA (PhD)

Insecticide resistance status of Culex species in urban areas in Ghana and efficacy of long lasting nets against them

Mwangoka, Grace Wynn (PhD)

Serum microRNAs as biomarker for active and latent tuberculosis infection in immunocompetent and immunodeficient hosts.

Odari, EO (PhD)

Establishment and evaluation of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay (LAMP) for the semi-quantitative detection of HIV-1 group M virus in blood and plasma.