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mRNA_Rabies CV7201-102 (2013-002171-17): A non-randomized, open label, controlled, dose-escalation, Phase I clinical trial to evaluate the saftey, tolerability and immunogenicity of one or two administrations of candidate rabies mRNA vaccine CV7202 in healthy volunteers.

Rabi_JE V49_23E1 (2015-000382-31) Langzeitstudie bis  2022: A Phase III, Open-label, Multicenter Study to Evaluate Long-term Immunogenicity and Boostability of Immune Responses in Adults who Received Different Primary Vaccination Regimens of Pre-exposure Prophylxis.

Noro epi 003A (2016): Norovirus acute gastroenteritis among international travelers from the US, Switzerland and Germany (Norovirus Travel Study).