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CIH PhD Students

Karlygash Abdiyeva

Investigation of highly pathogenic viruses in Kazakhstan

Mohamed Ahmed

TB detection using biomarkers in sputum

Christopher_Yaw Appiah_Seth

Barriers to disclosure of HIV status to infected children in Ghana, a north-south comparism

Fatime Arenliu-Qosaj

An empirical model of access to health care, health care expenditure and impoverishment in Kosovo

Pascal-Nji Atanga

Adherence, Retention in Care and Treatment outcomes in HIV-positive Women enrolled in a pilot project implementing Option B+ in Cameroon

Khalide Azam

Evaluation of Molecular Bacterial Load Assay, Transrenal DNA and Phage-assay to monitor tuberculosis treatment response among pulmonary and extrapulmonary TB patients in Maputo, Mozambique

Igor Capitine

Community Awareness and Willingness to participate in HIV vaccine studies and Effects of Young Adults participation in HIV vaccine clinical trials in their Social and Sexual Behaviour in Maputo

Uzochukwu Egere

Contact tracing and Isoniazid Prophylaxis for prevention of childhood Tuberculosis in The Gambia - an Analysis of the challenges and opportunities

Ekpereonne Esu

The effectiveness and cost effectiveness of intermittent screening & treatment with Sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine versus Arthemether-lumefantrine for malaria prevention in pregnancy in South East Nigeria

Luana Fiengo-Tanaka

Trends in AIDS-defining and non-AIDS-defining cancers among patients living with HIV/AIDS in the city of São Paulo ? 1997 - 2010

Olbukola Idoko

Immunogenicity and reactogenicity to immunizations among undernourished children

Bainga Kangbai

Prediction Modeling of Mortality among Ebola Patients Receiving Treatment in Sierra Leone

Ahmed-Zeynudin Kasim

Genotypic and Phenotypic Resistance Traits of Gram-Negative Bacteria from Jimma University Hospital, Southwest Ethiopia

Celso Khosa

Impact of tuberculosis on cardiopulmonary morbidity outcome and its influence on the socioeconomic status in Maputo, Mozambique

Dickens-Omondi Kuwuor

Epidemiology of helminth infections and their relation to HIV-1 infection in Mbeya Region of Tanzania: analysis of data from a population based study

Tessa Lennemann

Improving diagnostic and treatment options for treatment experienced HIV infected patients in Mbeya, Tanzania

Eliseo-III Lucero-Prisno

Revisiting the dynamics of disasters: the case of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Ivalda_Benigna Macicame

Role of Social determinants at the exposure of risk factors for Chronic Non Communicable Diseases in a peri-urban setting of Maputo city, Mozambique

Solomon Ali Mohammed

M. tuberculosis among jail inmates of Ethiopian prisons; Molecular epidemiology, Drug resistance and the role of LTA4H gene polymorphism during infection and disease progression

Upendo John Mwingira

An evaluation of the health impact of integrated helminths control by preventive mass chemotherapy: A study from Urban and rural endemic districts of Tanzania

Nyanda-Elia Ntinginya

" Evaluation of potential surrogate markers to determine TB treatment response among TB patients in Mbeya, Tanzania "

Krutarth Patel

Implementation of "T-cell activation markers"-based assay to diagnose Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection (TAM-TB): explore the potential for Point-of-Care (POC) settings

Ali Sadia

Epidemiological Investigation of Dengue and other Arbovirus in 11 districts in Mozambique

Nurkeldi Turebekov

Investigations on tick-borne bactzerial agents in Kazakhstan

Elias_Ali Yesuf

Developing and Validating a Multi-Dimensional Instrument for Measuring the Performance of District Health Systems in a National Region in Ethiopia

Habakkuk-Azinyui Yumo

Pediatric HIV care and treatment in resource limited settings: can the active search strategy for HIV exposed children bridge the current gap?